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Nowadays, we can notice how the aptitude of professional make-up artists and women doing everyday make-up is becoming more alike. The clients’ level of make-up skills is higher and higher and their requirements for make-up cosmetics are also becoming more and more demanding.
We support women’s aspirations to have make-up cosmetics of the best quality and therefore AFFECT brand of professional make-up cosmetics was created to fill the gap between high-end cosmetics and products for everyday make-up.

We are aware of the fact that the differences in the quality of cosmetics can be noticed even when applying a quick make-up.
What you put on your face affects your skin and this is why, from the very beginning, we have been focusing on the high quality of cosmetics and on their care aspects.
What is more, AFFECT products are refined in every detail, so that they also affect other senses – eyeshadows have a wonderful scent, while powders and blushers have a unique, beautiful sweater-like pattern, which is pleasing to the eye and attracts attention.

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